Story Marketing Strategies is a specialized content marketing strategies provider that offers strategic marketing services for ministries and other organizations. The business is focused on helping people who have and who are busy making a difference in people’s lives. This includes both religious leaders and other people who are involved in helping people improve in their spiritual life.
The business follows a 5-fold method as it disseminates its marketing tactics and activities through video broadcast, online streaming, book publishing, social media and publicity. They walk their clients through the entire process that begins from the book writing and publishing.


STORY MARKETING STRATEGIES help organizations who are serving others and doing good in the world, better share their story.

They help them write their story and also offer ghostwriting services to their clients. Still, they were not able to gain as much traction as they wanted to. Logo Design Flux designed their landing page and added calls to action to it strategically.
Some of the key benefits the business got are; more visibility Traction and business leads more accessibility for the clients. We help them add value to people’s lives and this is what matters for us.