Bio Spirits USA is the American marketing arm of Natural SpiritsUSA. They produce a range of botanically infused beverages made from premium American made spirits. Bio Spirits USA is based in Houston, Texas with a prodigious distribution range and widespread marketing initiatives.

Bio Spirits specializes in premium quality beverages that are scientifically made from botanicals from four corners of the world. What makes them stand out in other beverages is that their products are made from natural ingredients. Their core products are Bio Whiskey, Bio Delight Rum, and Bio Vodka.


Bio Spirits USA LLC is the American marketing arm of Natural Spirits USA LLC, a multi award winning sprits producer.

Earlier, Bio Spirits did not have an online presence and were operating only locally. With the drastic change in the world, BioSpirits was in dire need of an online presence.

Logo Design Flux steps in to help them. Our development team made sure to give an attractive look and a user-friendly experience with proper information about their products for their customers.