Bayou City started a path for better health by providing 100% organic therapy. They opt Hemp, a strain of Cannabis Sativa plant to infuse in their products for treatment of anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation to epileptic seizures.
Soon Bayou City was recommended by many for the love and passion to help. Even though of the beneficent products, they were facing an extensive loss by online payments from PayPal. The obstacle was PayPal which does not permit the use of payment platform for the sale of products containing CBD and it obstructed their business progress in many ways.

Bayou City Wellness Solutions Committed to Providing All Natural 100% Organic Ingredients With Essential Oils and Fragrances in All of Our Products.

Logo Design Flux got the opportunity to take a challenge unlike any other, then break bounds and attained what we set out for. The design team has developed the NMI supportive website for Bayou City to stand out in the category.
NMI provided the company a feature rich e-commerce payment gateway with new perspective, with information and relevant content that not only helps the audience expand their view but also build the company’s brand image.